"Can you catch Bumpees?"

Bumpees is a range for 7 to 14 years old. Fun & Playful products will provide best using experience.

"Who will get my pen?"

Color Kids range is a dedicated coloring product line for 3 to 7 years old children. These product are specially designed to match their coloring habits.





"Let the color flow"

Colorun is a compound word from "Coloring" and "Run". Showing great coloring experience, smooth like running!

"Show your emotion"

What is your "Color Emotion" today? Every color has the ability to talk and convey certain emotion. Feel the color and learn the emotion expression from all products marking and enjoy the "Color Emotion" system!















     Neon range strongly shows the combi-

     nation of different color. Various neon

     colors bring you a brand new visual ex-

















      "Enlighten your writing way."

       Scribe is the range for school writing

       products. We hope the products can

       bring better writing experience.
















             "Cover up, your best back up."

Cover up is a new range name for school correction products, means excellent covering power.The products are non-toxic with smooth correction.




Pop range is designed based on the visual spirit of MODERN, DYNAMIC & COLORFUL. The dramatically striking color combination reveals your strong personal style and trendy attraction.















      "Explore the geometry world."

     PIONEER is a range for school geometry.

     With ruler and compass, you can draw 

     any shape you want!

















Orbit range is a higher level range for geometry.Metal compass and steady drawing makes the lines 

look like a perfect orbit for planet.



More ranges to be expected...