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visual identity1
visual identity office

Deli Office



The main design principle of the

deli office brand is the frame.

The frame is a strong visual

symbol for deli office with clear

connections to stationery, as it

communicates tidiness, order

and simplicity.










visual identity school

Deli School



A stylized flag is the strong

visual symbol for deli school.

with a strong appeal to students

because of its friendly and likable

soft shape. It also communicates

value. A flag represents a community

be it a nation, a state, an association

and a school.






visual identity stick up











Stick Up



The inspiration for Deli Adhesive

brand design concept comes

from the effect of different

paper bonding. Pure black conveys

strong adhesion, sharp line and angle

shows reliability and cleaness

of product.










visual identity wrirting


















Deli Writing



The inspiration for Deli Writing

Instruments brand design concepts

comes from sailing. The strong,

dynamic sail is the visual identity

of this proud heritage and rightly

fits Deli. It also symbolized the global

spread of the Deli Writing Instruments







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