In order to strengthen & expand its leadership in domestic and international markets, deli has been reworking the Corporate Identity (CI) of the brand.

One part of the brand relaunch is to split deli product into : "deli office" & "deli school". The main objective of this split is:

1. To have a clear focus on specific target groups

2. To better address the needs

3. To drive business efficiently for both office & school


While sharing same common visual elements (like the typeface), both brands have their own Corporate Design (CD), which are explained in this CDnet. The purpose of these new CD is to give both brands a consistent and distinguished look in order to :

1. Increase our brand awareness

2. Strengthen our brand image

3. Achieve a strong impact on the Point-of-Sale

4. Bring differentiation from competitors

The following graphics show the brand positioning of deli office.


The basic elements are the logo, colours and typeface. Together with the design idea of the frame and unique imagery, they make the look and feel of the deli office brand distinctive......