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FROM: | DATE: 2019.Jun,25 |


In this meeting, Amanda Wang, Deli overseas general manager firstly made a report of sales performance in 2018. As is posted in the report, Deli overseas sales showed 29% increase last year. She remarked, "In 2018, Deli maintained its strategic focus and achieved solid growth. It was a year with turbulence in some of our main market, which is a hard time for international trade. Here I would thank all the Deli people in each country and our partners, they did an amazing job to help Deli go deeper in the local market. Product, marketing, sales channel, customer service and the organization, we will keep going deeper and wider in all these aspect and provide more value to our customers and consumers."


Lou Fu'an, general manager of Deli group made a speech to talk about plans for overseas market in 2019. He noted that: “The reason why we succeed in the past years is not only because of intelligence and organizational growth, but also to seize market opportunities and insist on it. So we should insist our strength and catch new chances in new categories and expand our borders constantly. Implement multi-channel strategy, we will enter into more modern channels while keeping traditional channels. Last but not least, everyone should keep "service spirit" and set higher demand to ourselves."



Regional managers were awarded for great performance in 2018.