Why DIY matters?

Children grow and develop rapidly in their childhood. They are really curious about the world and willing to make something by themselves. As a parent, it is important to foster your child’s hands-on skills as soon as he/she is born because doing so provides the foundation for study in school and later in life. As the research shows, DIY is the most efficient way that can help your children to achieve that.

Therefore, Deli specially developed the website “Deli DIY “for kids, with the intention to uncover every child’s hidden practical ability and a way to demonstrate their boundless creativity.


What can children benefit from DIY website?

Deli DIY website is a platform that gathering some tools that can help children education and development. At present, there are 3 modules on Deli DIY: Modeling Clay, Coloring and Game.


Clay is one of the medium that promotes creativity. Using colorful modeling clay, children can take advantage of imagination and create shapes in their mind. Making clay model aids children develop mobility skills. Their hand muscles are being used, which allows them to develop both mentally and physically.

Deli DIY offers a variety of Modeling clay tutorials which is a guideline that teaches children the steps of making a lovely clay model.

Painting can help children communicate their emotions and feelings. Through the use of different colors, they can express their feelings without the use of words. Painting with young children not only help their creative development but also stimulate their brain, which can help other aspects of development.

Deli DIY provides Coloring sheet which is a line draft without colors, children can use Deli coloring products to fill in the blank area and draw colorful pages easily.


Puzzle game plays a crucial role in children’s development and growth. It is an important aspect of brain development as they helping acquire logical and reasoning skills, boost spatial thinking and numeracy.

On Deli DIY, Puzzle games like maze, spot differences are gathered in Game module. Children can download this Game Book and enjoy brainstorming process when solving these games.

At the same time, there are different themes in each module, many Deli cartoon ranges are included like Bumpees, Explora, etc. In this way, children can choose themes and games they like freely.

How to enter Deli DIY?

1. Deli DIY website is available here at diy.deliworld.com , you can directly open the link on your computer or phone.

2. Another efficient way is scanning QR code. There are scannable QR codes on Deli packaging and product leaflet. You only need to use your phone to scan QR code on package, then you will be redirected to Deli DIY website.