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Deli One Piece Stationery

Certified by Guinness with the title of "the world's highest-circulation comic series created by a single author", One Piece has shown its powerful global influence. Cooperating with One Piece, Deli released the One Piece Stationery series to the different oversea market. All the One Piece Stationery products are available now.

Deli One Piece Stationery Collection

Deli#CC119-18 Colored Pencil
Deli#CC119-18 Colored Pencil
  • Size & Spec:φ3.0mm lead Hexagonal Barrel Cut head

  • Color: 18 COLORS

  • SAP No: 100149993

Deli-EC021-2B Graphite Pencil
Deli-EC021-2B Graphite Pencil
  • Size & Spec: 2B φ2.4mm Hexagonal Barrel

  • Color: ASST.

  • SAP No: 100149794

Deli-EH17 Drafting Set
Deli-EH17 Drafting Set
  • Size & Spec:15cm Ruler 10cm 30/60/90 set square 7cm 45/90 set square

  • Color: RED,BLUE

  • SAP No: 100149846

Deli-EH310 Eraser
Deli-EH310 Eraser
  • 41*25*16mm


  • 100149857

Deli-EH365 Correction Tape
Deli-EH365 Correction Tape
  • Size & Spec: 6mm

  • Color: WHITE,GREEN

  • SAP No: 100149685

One Piece
Deli One Piece Stationery

Deli One Piece Stationery Introduction

One Piece is a juvenile manga created by Japanese cartoonist Eiichiro Oda. So far, 102 volumes have been published, and it has long occupied the first place in the popularity list in manga magazines. The work takes the fictional "Era of the Great Pirates" as the story stage, describing that the pirate Mengqi D. Luffy wants to get "ONE PIECE" (a big secret treasure) and become "One Piece"(the king of pirates).

Deli Office Stationery

Based on the strong influence of One Piece around the world and the high degree of adaptation of its overall style with Deli products, Deli finally decided to find One Piece for cooperation and launched the One Piece series of products for sale.

One Piece product line is aimed at people aged 5-20, mainly stationery. According to the age adaptation of the product, it is divided into the Q version and the student version. All products not only have the high quality and high-cost performance of the products themselves but also have the blessing of the joint image of One Piece, which makes this series of products shine in all products.

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