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Deli Art Supplies

As one of the leading art supply companies in China, Deli provides wholesale art supplies for all ages, including color pencils, oil pastels, gouache, acrylic, and other painting tools, to achieve the goal of a one-stop solution for art paint sets.


Available Choices of Deli Bulk Art Supplies

Product Line
Product Line

Deli painting & drawing supplies have a very comprehensive product line. From the perspective of age, Deli can provide suitable art supplies for preschoolers and professional artists; in terms of painting categories, acrylic, gouache, color lead, oil pastel and other different varieties of art supplies sets are available. All of these can meet the painting's needs.


Deli coloring art sets are carefully selected and have very good quality and user experience. All the painting items are carefully manufactured and selected, the produced painting materials are not easy to be damaged. They can complete the painting goal very well when painting, and it is not easy to fail in coloring, uncontrollable, and other unexpected situations. 


Deli art painting supplies have a good price/performance ratio. Cost-effective does not mean a low price, but the best coloring art set you can buy at the same price. As one of the leading bulk stationery suppliers in China, Deli is committed to providing consumers with the most cost-effective consumable stationery items, and painting items are no exception. It doesn't matter if your target customers are beginner painting enthusiasts or relatively professional painters, Deli can always provide the most suitable stationery art and drawing supplies.

Deli Painting Supplies Wholesale FAQs

Can Deli bulk art supplies be customized?

  • Yes, you can ask our sales manager for details.

Are Deli wholesale art painting supplies of high quality?

  • Yes, the quality of Deli coloring & drawing sets is always great.

Are the co-branded products of Deli coloring products available?

  • It depends on the specific situation, our sales manager can tell you more about different art materials.

How about the after-sales service of Deli coloring products?

  • Deli has always been committed to providing good after-sales service for our wholesale art supplies.

Are Deli coloring products safe and non-toxic?

  • Yes, Deli art drawing sets are highly safe and will not easily harm the human body.

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