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Deli Exam Writing Pen

Deli gel ball pen for the exam is born for different exams and tests. It features smooth writing, a comfortable grip, and a quick dry design, which gives you a great exam experience.


Good Pens For Writing Exams


Available Choices Of Our Exam Writing Pen

Body Materials
Body Materials

Some Deli exam writing pens are designed with a soft grip. Compared with ordinary gel pens for sale, the design of pens for exams is more suitable for prolonged and tense writing, which can reduce hand fatigue and be more conducive to performance in the examination process.

Tip Size
Tip Size

Deli exam writing pens have different types of tips. According to the requirements for the types of tips in the exam, you can choose a suitable one to participate in the test. Every core pen tip is independently developed and designed by Deli, which can meet different consumer usage scenarios on the premise of ensuring high quality.

Exam-oriented Pen Set
Exam-oriented Pen Set

For different exams, Deli provides different gel ball pens for exam sets. Each set has been carefully designed to meet the needs of different groups of people. In addition to examination uses, the exam writing pen can also be seen as a great gift to friends.

Deli Exam Writing Pen Wholesale FAQs

Due to the characteristics of quick drying and writing resistance, will the price of Deli ball pen for exam be relatively high?

  • Deli is committed to providing customized office stationery with the best cost-effectiveness. Even if the price increases due to product upgrades, it is worth the money.

Is the exam writing pen set suitable for elementary school students to buy?

  • Sure, it is. According to the different ages of the group, we designed different exam writing pen sets to meet the different aesthetic and usage needs. You can choose the most suitable ball pen for exams for your target selling age.

Can I customize my own pens for exams?

  • Absolutely. In theory, all pens for exams at Deli can be customized, you can put forward your own needs to communicate with us.

Will the hands or paper get dirty easily when take the exam with your exam writing pen?

  • Of course not, most exam writing pens use quick-drying technology, which can not only ensure smooth writing in a stressful test environment but also quickly dry to prevent the test paper and arm from getting dirty.

Does Deli have pencil leads for exam or test?

  • Yes, we have mechanical pencil lead which is specially designed for different exams or tests.

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