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Deli Liquid Glue

Deli stick-up liquid glue is of high quality and has a variety of styles. Currently, there are regular styles, double-headed styles, man-machine styles, and pen-shaped styles for our bulk liquid glue, which can fully meet different preferences and needs.


Available Choices Of Deli Liquid Glue

Strong Adhesive
Strong Adhesive

Deli liquid glue has a strong viscosity. The use of PVAL material enables our liquid adhesive glue to stick firmly to all types of paper. Whether it is an invoice, an envelope, or a general document, Deli liquid bonding adhesive glue can be pasted stably and neatly, and it is not easy to part.


Deli liquid glue is washable. When the unwanted parts are accidentally stuck together during using process, the liquid gum glue can be removed by washing through the water, which reduces the risk to the user and makes the user feel safer to use.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Deli liquid glue has good quality assurance. At the delivery stage, Deli liquid glue stick will undergo several strict tests to ensure excellent quality when entering the market; after the consumer purchases, Deli sticks liquid glue also has a 24-month warranty, during which it is not easy to be damaged and unusable.

Deli Stick Up Liquid Glue Wholesale FAQs

What is the main material of Deli liquid glue?

  • Usually PVAL material is of high quality.

How long is the warranty period for Deli liquid glue?

  • Usually, the warranty period of our bulk liquid glue is 24 months.

Is Deli liquid adhesive good?

  • Great, Deli liquid bonding glue can meet the needs well in the use of daily paper products.

Is Deli stick up liquid glue expensive?

  • Deli is committed to providing the most cost-effective deli stick-up liquid glue, you can ask our sales managers for more information.

Is Deli liquid glue certified?

  • It depends on the specific products, you can chat with our sales manager in detail for specific liquid adhesive glue types.

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