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Deli's high-quality writing instruments offer values from different aspects of the business. Not only the stationery writing supplies themselves are great but also the corresponding service.


Personalized Writing Instruments In Life

Writing Supplies List for Exam

The exam is one of the most common occasions that students or even adults need to experience. Deli quick-drying stationery writing supplies are perfectly suitable for this occasion. The whole writing instrument series will dry within 1 second after writing, which can fit students or adults who need to write for a long time and quickly and will not make hands or paper dirty in the exam.

Writing Supplies List for Study

Long time study for most students is usual, which means the consumption of the writing equipment will be high and fast. Deli large-capacity premium writing instruments series is going to solve this issue. These fine writing instruments can write 1600 meters or 800 meters, which can provide high cost-effectiveness for students who need a long time to write.

Writing Supplies List for Work

As for most business groups, they don't always write but need smooth writing when signing. The Deli Extreme Smooth Writing instrument series is born to solve this problem. With delicate hand feeling, rigorous material selection, elegant and luxurious design, and reliable quality, this series' writing smoothness can reach 0.195μ, which suits working people very much.

Deli Writing Instrument
Deli Writing Instrument
Deli Writing Instrument
Deli Writing Instrument
Deli Writing Instrument
Deli Writing Instrument Sketch Marker
Deli Writing Instrument
Deli Writing Instrument Gel Pen

Why Choose Deli as Your Writing Instrument Manufacturer?

1. Wide selection of ink

Deli has more than 300 types of inks, which are divided into 4 main categories: water-based, neutral, oil-based, and alcohol-based. According to different consumer needs, different types of inks can be chosen to apply to the different writing instruments.

2. Excellent pen tips

The core nib of the Deli high-quality writing instruments is independently developed and produced. As one of the professional office stationery manufacturers in China, Deli has four core nib technologies which include bullet head, pointed cone head, ST needle tube head, and full needle tube nib. As for pen tip arc closing technology, Deli also has several technical patents that can ensure the quality of our instrument for writing.

3. High precise manufacturing

Deli has advanced CNC machine tool precision machining workshops from Germany and Japan, and imported over 50 ultra-high-precision nib machines from Switzerland, using imported ink and nib balls. Under such production conditions, Deli's quality writing instruments have a very high degree of precision manufacturing and are very well suited to various usage scenarios.

the different functions of deli writing instrument wide selection of ink
the different functions of deli writing instrument excellent pen tips
the different functions of deli writing instrument high precise manufacturing
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