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Deli Mechanical Pencil With Multiple Leads

Deli mechanical pencils and leads use good technology, which can bring consumers a wonderful user experience under the premise of high-quality control.


Deli Mechanical Pencil And Leads For Sale


Available Choices Of Deli Mechanical Pencil And Spare Leads

Body Materials
Body Materials

Deli mechanical pencils use a variety of materials, the main two are plastic and metal. Different materials have a different user experience, consumers can choose and use mechanical pencils and refills according to their preferences.

Body Designs
Body Designs

Deli mechanical pencils have been carefully designed, and all designs are carried out according to market needs. Some mechanical pencils have been designed with the position of the eraser, which can be more easily erased and corrected when typos are written.

Smooth Leads Refill
Smooth Leads Refill

The Deli mechanical pencil is designed with the filling problem of the refill in mind. Usually, the mechanical pencil is prone to wear and tear of the refill when filling the leads, but the Deli mechanical pencil with multiple leads is not. Cleverly designed and crafted, our mechanical pencil with lead is very smooth and easy to refill.

Mechanical Pencils And Refills FAQs

Does the Deli produce lead pencil with eraser?

  • Yes, some Deli mechanical pencils with lead adopt this design.

Is it easy to get tired of using a Deli plastic mechanical pencil?

  • Of course not. Some mechanical pencils with multiple leads of Deli use a triangle shape which is comfortable for grip.

Can Deli mechanical pencil and leads to be customized?

  • Yes. You can contact our sales manager who is responsible for your country to ask for more details.

Is the Deli mechanical pencil durable?

  • Yes, most Deli mechanical pencils with multiple leads have durable tips that can have a higher resistance.

Are the Deli mechanical leads easy to break?

  • Of course not. Deli mechanical leads are of great quality and are not easy to break.

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