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Deli White Glue

Deli white glue is ingeniously designed and user-friendly. Our bulk white glue has a wide range of applications and can be used on various product material surfaces, which makes Deli white glue more cost-effective.


Available Choices Of Deli Stick Up White Glue


Deli white glue is made of high-quality PVAC materials, and the product has high safety. The overall stick-up white glue product line is non-toxic, acid-free, and free of harmful chemical components. Consumers can use white glue sticks with more confidence and they will not have adverse effects on the human body.

Function Design
Function Design

Deli white glue fully considers the pain points of users when using white glue products, and has made a good product design. The Deli white glue uses a rotary switch to control the outflow of glue, which can not only perform precise gluing but also allow users to not get dirty hands when using it. These features greatly improve the feeling of using Deli stick-up white glue.

Scope of Application
Scope of Application

The scope of application of Deli white glue products is very wide. Whether it is handmade by students or used by office workers, whether it is used on a paper surface or wood surface, it has a very good performance, and users will be very comfortable to use.

Deli White Glue Bulk FAQs

How long is the warranty period for Deli stick up white glue?

  • Usually 24 months.

Is Deli white glue expensive?

  • Deli is committed to providing the most cost-effective stick-up white glue, you can ask our sales managers for more information.

Is Deli stick up white glue certified?

  • It depends on the specific products, you can chat with our sales manager in detail.

Can Deli white glue be customized?

  • Yes, you can ask our sales manager for more details about different types of white glue.

What is the main manufacturing material of Deli white glue?

  • Most of our bulk white glue is made with PVAC materials.

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