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Deli Larva Stationery

Happiness can always be so simple. Deli and Larva co-brand products can always bring so much surprise. About Larva stationery, Deli now mainly includes ballpoint pens, gel pens, mechanical pencils, measuring tape, sticky notes, rotary sharpeners, colored pencils, tote bags, and so on.   

Deli Larva Stationery Collection

Deli-EC201-12  Oil Pastel
Deli-EC201-12 Oil Pastel
  • Size & Spec: φ10×75mm Hexagonal Barrel

  • Color: Asst.

  • SAP No: 100146237

Deli-EC115-24 Colored Pencil
Deli-EC115-24 Colored Pencil
  • φ3.0mm lead Hexagonal Barrel Cut head

  • Asst.

  • 100146308

Deli-EH800 Tote Bag
Deli-EH800 Tote Bag
  • 35x36cm

  • White

  • 100145953

Deli-EH305 Eraser
Deli-EH305 Eraser
  • 40*20*9.5mm

  • Pink/Blue/Green

  • 100146451

Deli-ELA560 Spiral Notebook
Deli-ELA560 Spiral Notebook
  • A5, 210mmx148mm 60 sheets 70 g/㎡

  • 4 Larva Patterns

  • 100145665

Deli Larva Stationery Introduction

Deli Larva Stationery Introduction

The Larva is a funny and non-dialogue animation short film in South Korea. Its episodes are full of creative fun, integrating music, rhythm, and rich body movements, advocating the life values of positivity, optimism, loyalty first, and mutual companionship. It has been broadcast in more than 180 countries around the world, with a viewing rate of more than 11 billion times, and the hit rate of mainstream video websites in China has exceeded 18 billion times.

Deli Larva Stationery Introduction

The protagonists of Larva's story are two funny bugs, Yellow and Red. They live in New York and stage hilarious comedy stories every day. They have various friends: dung beetles, snails, frogs, mantises, spiders, ants, and so on. From above the sewers, unexpected "gifts" and mysterious "visitors" are constantly falling, such as melted ice cream, various shapes of chewing gum, straws, corn, sausages, cans, etc. Yellow and Red use all kinds of creative means to create joy, bringing endless joy to fans.

The main audience of Larva is all family units, covering all ages. Based on Larva's audience and characters, Deli launched the Larva series of products. These series focus on students between the ages of 8 and 15. All products not only have the high quality and high-cost performance of the products themselves but also have the joint image of Larva.

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