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Deli Glue Stick

The product line of Deli stick-up glue sticks is wide, except for the basic glue sticks for sale, there are also gradient series, gel-colored series, and so on, which can meet various needs of consumers.


Deli Stick Up Glue Stick Wholesale Types


Available Choices Of Deli Glue Stick Bulk


Deli glue sticks are extremely safe. Most bulk-buy glue sticks from Deli are made of PVP, PVA, or ACR materials so that the final product is non-toxic, acid-free, and free of harmful chemical substances, which ensures that the user is safer in the process of use and won't be harmed.

Function Characteristics
Function Characteristics

Deli glue sticks have many high-quality properties. Some wholesale glue sticks are washable, and can be washed with water when the stickiness is not needed, which is convenient and simple; quick-drying is another feature of Deli stick-up glue sticks, which can dry very quickly after use, reducing waiting time.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Deli glue sticks have good quality assurance. Not only will Deli glue stick go through multiple strict procedures for testing when it leaves the glue stick factory, but Deli will also provide excellent after-sale services for our glue stick bulk. General glue sticks for sale will have a 36-month warranty, and users can be confident when purchasing.

Deli Glue Stick Wholesale FAQs

Are all Deli glue sticks non-toxic?

  • Most of the Deli glue sticks for sale are non-toxic.

What are the materials of glue stick from Deli?

  • Mainly for PVP and PVA material.

How long is the warranty for Deli glue sticks for sale?

  • Usually 36 months.

How long does the quick-drying glue stick take to dry?

  • Usually 20-30 seconds for PVP material.

What tests can Deli glue stick pass?

  • PVP bulk buys glue sticks are certified by EU CE, SVHC in reach, and American AP.

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