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Agnite, a new sports brand designed by a top German design team, was launched by Deli Group in April 2017. The production line of Agnite covers basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, fitness supplies, swimming supplies, sports protection products, and other categories.


Customized Agnite Sporting Equipment

Sports for Three Big Ball

The three big ball products of Agnite mainly include basketball, football, and volleyball, and the corresponding sports are usually multiplayer team sports. Team spirit is a crucial attribute in a multi-person team group, representing the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team. Agnite provides three big ball products, hoping to convey team spirit in the products so that team members can depend on each other and make progress together.

Sports for Three Small Ball

Agnite three small ball products mainly include tennis, table tennis, and badminton, and the corresponding sports are usually double competitive. There is no doubt about the status of the competitive spirit of friendship first and competition second in double competitive sports. Agnite provides three small ball products, hoping that users can enjoy the joy and competitive spirit brought by the game so that users can compete with each other and promote each other.

Sports for Fitness Equipment

Agnite fitness equipment mainly includes yoga mats, yoga balls, skipping ropes, etc. The corresponding exercise types are usually single-person home health training exercises. A healthy body is the most precious wealth in life. Without health, nothing can be done. The fitness equipment products provided by Agnite are designed to appeal to everyone to exercise and hope that everyone can better improve their physical and mental health in daily sport.

Agnite Sports In Campus

Deli Agnite actively responds to the country's call to develop youth campus football meets the diverse needs of campus sports culture, promotes the healthy development of youth campus football, and provides full equipment support for football events, demonstrating Deli Agnite's attention to Chinese youth football.

As an enterprise with national responsibility and national pride, Deli Agnite will provide more and better football services for the majority of young people in the future, and stimulate their interest in participating in sports. Let more young people participate in football, and promote the realization of the strategic goal of healthy China!

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