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Deli Book Paper Supplies

Deli paper product brings a rich and diverse product line to large suppliers and individual customers. While bringing a wonderful user experience, the cost is also very low.


Deli Paper & Notebook Product List


Available Choices of Our Quality Paper & Notebooks Bulk

Cover Finishes
Cover Finishes

Our cover finishes design adopts the mode of cooperation with domestic and foreign artists, with diversified design themes and covering the mainstream of the market. Deli notebook design is updated and flexible, and the styles on sale can be quickly adjusted according to market needs and changes to keep the design fresh.

Book Materials
Book Materials

As a leading notebooks company in China, Deli ensures all of our paper & notebook products will go through multiple quality inspections. In different production stages, we will test the quality of samples randomly. The detection parameters are detailed and accurate and the key performance of the paper product & notebooks wholesale is quantitatively defined.

Deli Paper& Notebook Product Wholesale FAQs

How to identify the quality of the notebooks sale from dimensions of the inner core paper?

  • From paper weight, paper smoothness, paper sizing, paper stiffness, paper whiteness, and Inner core printing.

What's the specific product line of Deli Books?

  • As one of the leading paper products and notebooks suppliers in China, Deli sells Leather cover books, soft copy books, plastic cover books, notebooks, loose-leaf books, spiral books, art papers, handbooks, and so on.

What are the common specifications of your paper & notebook product?

  • 16K, 25K, 32K, 48K, 16K, 32K, A5, B5.

What makes Deli notebook product so special?

  • Rich product line, covering a wide range of user groups and meticulous.

  • Diverse styles for different notebook types, flexible and regularly updated.

Can I get custom notebooks bulk?

  • Absolutely. You can tell the needs of our sales manager to create your own notebook's custom products. As one of the leading office stationery manufacturers in China, Deli can provide quality custom notebooks in bulk for your needs.

Are the inside pages fountain pen friendly?

Certainly. The materials of Deli paper and notebook products are of high quality. Some types of inside paper are not easy to be permeated by ink.

Do you offer wholesale options?

Yes, absolutely. You can feel free to contact us and we will discuss with you more details about distributors, wholesalers, and so on.

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