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Deli Sticky Notes

Deli adhesive notes products include sticky notes, index tabs, stickers, and more. The rich product line meets the various needs of note products in daily life.


Deli Sticky Notes Bulk Types


Available Choices Of Our Sticky Notes Wholesale

Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Deli adhesive notes products have a variety of graphic designs. There are both conventional square, round, and other graphics, as well as highly personalized special-shaped designs. The rich graphic design of our sticky notes for sale can meet the needs of different groups of people, so that children, students, or office people can have their own choices.

Notes Viscosity
Notes Viscosity

Deli adhesive note products have made great efforts in product stickiness. Compared with sticky notes from normal sticky note manufacturers, which lose their stickiness after being peeled off and applied once, so that the sticker cannot be transferred, some bulk sticky notes from Deli allow the sticky note to be attached to a variety of different surfaces and can be removed multiple times, which can greatly improve the efficiency of use.


Deli sticky notes stationery products come in many different sizes. Based on the different usage habits of various countries and regions, Deli adhesive note products provide a variety of choices in size, which can be large enough to cover the entire A4 paper or small enough to be used as bookmarks. Different sizes also contribute to the one-stop solution for Deli Adhesive Notes.

Deli Sticky Notes Wholesale FAQs

How sticky are Deli adhesive notes products?

  • Our sticky notes for sale have good stickiness, which can be peeled off and pasted many times.

Can Deli do custom sticky notes?

  • Yes, you can ask our sales manager who is responsible for your region for help.

What are the shapes of Deli ahesive notes products?

  • Square, round, special-shaped, etc., you can check the details of different types of sticky notes on the product page.

What is Deli sticky notes price?

  • Deli is committed to providing consumers with the most cost-effective office stationery products, you can ask our sales manager who is responsible for your region for details.

Is the quality of Deli adhesive notes products guaranteed?

  • Excellent quality, as always.

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