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Deli and Komus Ignite the “Spartakiad Komus”

On June 22, 2024, Deli teams up with Russia's largest office supplies company Komus to ignite the "Spartakiad Komus", an annual corporate sports gala held in Russia.


Komus Group, Russia's largest office supplies company, held its annual large-scale sports event "Spartakiad Komus", with Deli Group, a long-term sponsor of the event. Komus Group has been hosting this traditional sports festival since 2018, aiming to promote corporate culture and strengthen employee cohesion.


Deli has been a sponsor of the "Spartakiad Komus" since 2021, providing its Agnite sports equipment and Deli drawing supplies, helping the athletes achieve remarkable performances. This event once again attracted numerous participants from various industries, who sweated it out in the hot summer, engaging in fierce competitions in sports such as beach volleyball, football, and basketball.


The event "Spartakiad Komus" not only created a fair and competitive sports space for many sports enthusiasts, but also further enhanced Deli's influence in the Russian market. In the future, Deli will continue to actively participate in various sports events and cultural activities, stirring up more positive waves in the stationery industry in Russia.

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