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Deli Launches ESG Report To Consolidate Sustainable Development Strategy

Recently, Deli Group released its first “2023 Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Report”, which comprehensively showcases the company’s initiatives and achievements in corporate governance, green production, environmental management, and philanthropy in recent years. It reflects the company’s commitment and responsibility in sustainable development.


Deli Group, guided by innovation and driven by excellence, builds strong competitiveness through outstanding quality. As a global cultural and technological industry group, Deli currently employs over 3,000 R&D engineers and designers worldwide, with multiple overseas innovation research centers established. Moreover, Deli has established the first Central Research Institute, enabling forward-looking research and the introduction of new technologies to propel many of Deli’s niche categories to become global champions in their respective fields.


Environmental protection has always been integral to every stage of Deli’s development. Deli has long been committed to green development and practices a low-carbon sustainable development strategy. To this end, the company has established an energy-saving and carbon reduction management team and practices green development and low-carbon sustainable development strategies. Deli integrates the concept of green operations into various stages such as product design, production operations, and logistics transportation, striving to reduce pollution at the source and minimize or avoid the negative impact of products throughout their lifecycle on human health and the environment.

In the realm of green research and development, Deli has launched the “Circular Green Plan” series of products, which includes PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) series, bio-based series, wood-based series, and more. To accelerate research on environmentally friendly materials, Deli has collaborated with multiple universities to establish research laboratories. Additionally, the company has set up material reliability testing centers across the globe, catering to various product categories.

Deli has established a comprehensive environmental management system and energy management system for green production. On one hand, the company conducts annual equipment upgrades to effectively reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in each factory, leading to continuous improvement in production efficiency. On the other hand, Deli is increasing its use of clean energy. In 2023, the company’s distributed photovoltaic power generation exceeded 14,000 megawatt-hours, avoiding the emission of nearly ten thousand tons of carbon dioxide. Additionally, in promoting the low-carbon transformation of logistics, more than 60% of electric forklifts are used in the central warehouse.


Deli values the growth of employees’ internal strength and insists on a people-oriented approach, acting with kindness to fulfill corporate social responsibility. Throughout its years of development, Deli has built an integrated job system, providing personalized capability improvement plans for employees in different positions, thus empowering them to achieve self-breakthroughs.

Deli Group integrates “responsibility” into its corporate values, fulfilling its social responsibilities. Meanwhile, the company supports poverty alleviation, educational assistance, care for the elderly, rural revitalization, and other initiatives. Deli has autonomously initiated numerous charitable activities, which have garnered widespread praise and recognition from society. It has been honored with various charitable awards such as the “National Charity Loving Enterprise” and the “Zhejiang Charity Award.”



The release of Deli Group’s first ESG report marks an important milestone in the company’s sustainable development. Deli Group President Mr.Lou remarked “Sustainable, high-quality development serves as a guiding beacon propelling Deli forward. ESG provides us with a deeper and broader roadmap.” All of us at Deli embrace a noble mission, courageously surging forward, continuously striving towards becoming a world-class cultural and technological industry group.

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