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Deli The Only 1 Laser & Inkjet Printer Brand in China

FROM: | DATE: 2022.Mar,02 |

Deli has deeply cultivated in office industry for more than 20 years,

now becoming the advocator and leader of overall solutions for multiple working scenes.

Deli has accumulated abundant technical resources,

therefore, since from 2015, Deli invest a huge amount of funds to engage to research and develop the laser and inkjet Printers.

Deli is the only one company, mastering both Laser & Inkjet printer technology,

developing, researching and manufacturing Laser and Inkjet printer in China.

In the Inkjet Printer Area, Deli has explored for more than five years,

and finally able to develop own inkjet printing head,

In the mainstream field of Laser printer,

Deli work out super capacity toner cartridge,

which can ensure 10,000 pages printing. 

Deli, mastering the core technology of printer,

 printing your life innovation.