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Sliding Bar / Report File

Deli has a complete product line of sliding bar binders/report files, with various shapes and thicknesses required by the mainstream market, with high-quality product performance and stable structure.


Sliding Bar Binder/ Report File List


Deli Sliding Bar/ Report File Features

Shape of Sliding Bar
Transparency of Report File
Product Performance
Shape of Sliding Bar

Deli sliding binder bars are rich in shapes, including triangles, teardrops, wide drawbars, and report clips. At present, the triangular rod is the mainstream type in the market, and the sales are excellent; the teardrop-shaped drawer is in the shape of a waterdrop, and the grip is comfortable; the wide drawbar has a large capacity and can be bound up to 80 pages thick.

Transparency of Report File

Compared with ordinary office stationery manufacturers, the plastic surface of the Deli report file/sliding bar binder has better and stronger transparency, and the overall material is purer so that the content of internal documents can be displayed more clearly.

Product Performance

In terms of product performance, the clamping force of the Deli sliding binder bar is larger than that of general brands, and the documents are not easy to fall. The back of the sliding biner bar is triangular, which makes it easier to align the front and bottom pages, making the clipped documents tidier.

Sliding Bar Binder/ Report File Inspiration

Deli sliding bar binders/report files are of excellent quality and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These sliding bar binders are suitable for solving some problems in the office and study scenarios.

sliding bar report file inspiration working
sliding bar report file inspiration working
sliding bar report file inspiration studying
sliding bar report file inspiration studying
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