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Stamp Pad/Ink

Deli stamp pad/ink has very good quality. When used in daily office work, they can not only meet the demand but also have a very advantageous price.


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Deli Stamp Pad/Ink Features

Stamp Clearness
Marks Resistance
Stamp Clearness

Deli stamp pads/ink are made of high-quality materials, and the overall user experience is very good. When the stamp pad/ink is used for engraving, the printed marks or seals will be very clear and not easily fade, which is conducive to long-term preservation and use.

Marks Resistance

Compared with the problem that the stamps or marks printed by the stamp ink pads of some brands are easy to fade or disappear, Deli has made great efforts in this aspect. The stamps or marks printed by Deli ink pads are very clear, and some of the inks even have a waterproof function, which can make the stamps or marks not easy to fade.


Deli stamp pad ink has different capacities, ranging from 10ml small-capacity inks that are easy to carry to 40ml inks that are very cost-effective. No matter which specification of stamp ink, there is a strong and high-quality guarantee, and it is very good to use.

Stamp Pad/Ink Inspiration

The Deli stamp pad/ink is extremely suitable for daily office work. Whether it is contract stamping or hand stamping, our office stamp pad and ink pad ink can stamp the required high-quality results.

stamp pad ink inspiration
stamp pad ink inspiration
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