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Price Label Gun/Consumables

The Deli price label printer gun has good quality and exquisite design technology, and consumers will have a very great experience when using it.


Price Label Gun Machine And Refilling Labels List


Deli Price Label Tag Sticker Gun Features

Mark Resistance
Using Experience
Body Materials
Mark Resistance

Deli price-label gun machines are well-made, and the craftsmanship is guaranteed. When a price gun machine is used to mark the price on the label, the marked price is displayed very clearly, hardly fades, and can be maintained as it is for a long time.

Using Experience

Deli price-label gun has a great user experience. With the design of a round comfort handle, consumers can grip our price-marking gun comfortably. During the use process, consumers can just squeeze the handle to dispense marked labels with ease, which helps the users save energy.

Body Materials

The Deli price printer label gun is made of high-quality materials, which are not easy to rust and corrode, and our price gun tape can remain the same status for a long time after consumers use them in various scenarios, which is more cost-effective.

Price Label Gun And Tape Inspiration

The Deli price label sticker gun is economical, has good cost-effectiveness, and can meet the needs of the daily work very well.

price label gun and consumables inspiration
price label gun and consumables inspiration
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