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Deli scissors have a variety of shapes and designs. Based on ensuring quality and user experience, various designs are carried out on our bulk scissors, which enriches the choices of consumers.


Deli Scissors Wholesale List

Deli-E6009 Scissors
Deli-E6009 Scissors
  • Stainless steel blade for a durable use    

  • Great user experience    

  • Polished blade for improved cutting    

Deli Scissors Features

Body Design
Body Materials
Body Design

Deli scissors are designed for many different situations. First of all, there is a traditional pointed design without a cap. The scissors bulk of this design is sharper and smoother when used. At the same time, some custom scissors use a blunt tip and protective sleeve, making them safer for younger students to use.

Body Materials

The majority of Deli stationery scissors are manufactured using stainless steel and plastic for the scissor body and scissor handle. This kind of material not only ensures that the scissors' body is not easy to rust, and can be used for a longer time but also ensures that the scissors for sale are comfortable to grip and will not be easily fatigued when used for a long time.


As a pro scissors company in China, Deli provides different types of scissors in different sizes. The size of the blade varies from 115mm to 225mm. There is always one suitable for you to purchase for your target customers.

Deli Scissors Inspiration

Deli bulk scissors come in a variety of sizes and are comfortable to use to meet your needs in every day-to-day situation.

scissors inspiration
scissors inspiration
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