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Deli-colored graphite pencils are of excellent quality and changeable in appearance design. These bulk pencils not only meet the needs of painting users but also provide painting enthusiasts with more choices in appearance.


Why Choose Pencil from Deli?

Great User Experience
Coloring Effect
Manufacturing Materials
Great User Experience

Deli-colored pencils can provide a good user experience. In terms of user-friendliness, some colored pencils from Deli are designed with ergonomics in mind, and users will feel more comfortable and less tired when holding the pencil for a long time; in terms of painting experience, some colored pencil sets are easy to color, easy to erase, and easy for painting users to use.

Coloring Effect

Deli-colored graphite pencil has a good coloring effect. For black sketching charcoal pens, different hardness refills can bring different degrees of shadow effect, from light black to deep, users can choose different types of pencils according to their actual drawing needs; colored drawing pencils can draw bright and colorful, and can paint gentle and calm colors to satisfy a variety of painting color lovers.

Manufacturing Materials

Deli-colored pencils are made of excellent materials. Some types of colored pencils are made of high-quality basswood, which is easy to soften. This material is characterized by easy sanding, and users will save time and effort when sharpening pencils. At the same time, some Deli graphite pencils have erasers with non-toxic and non-PVC, which can be easily erased when painting mistakes, which is more convenient.

Deli Colour Pencil Inspiration

Deli colored pencils are suitable for a variety of painting scenes. Whether it is for beginners or professional painters, you can always find quality color pencils from Deli. Custom pencils bulk with your requirements are also available.

colour pencil inspiration
colour pencil inspiration

What Are The Different Pencil Grades

As an extremely common stationery product, pencils can be graded from many different angles. This article will mainly explain and share the dimensions of the hardness of graphite pencils.

As one of the world's leading one-stop stationery office solution leaders, Deli's high-quality graphite pencil products should not be underestimated. Graphite pencils are mainly composed of a mixture of graphite and clay. The hardness of graphite pencils mainly depends on the mixing ratio of graphite and clay. The larger the proportion of graphite, the softer the pencil, and the larger the proportion of clay, the harder the pencil.

According to the current mainstream graphite pencil hardness classification method, it can be divided into three categories: H, HB, and B:

· H-type pencils have a relatively high core hardness, which is suitable for objects with a relatively hard or rough interface, such as woodworking scribing, field drawing, etc.

· HB pencils are commonly referred to as ordinary pencils, with moderate hardness and average lead quality.

· B-type pencils have relatively soft refills, which are suitable for painting. According to different hardness levels, you can choose according to the needs of the picture when painting.

Deli provides a wide variety of graphite pencils for people with different orientations. Each graphite pencil has its range of lead hardness, and users can freely choose according to different needs. Whether you like a harder pencil with a lighter color or a softer pencil with a darker color, you can find the one that suits you best in Deli.

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