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Deli Agnite volleyball uses high-quality and great materials. The designs of our volleyball wholesale are various, which can meet the needs of different volleyball users in all scenes.


Volleyball Bulk Types


Agnite Volleyball Wholesale Features

Cover Design
Bladder Materials
Volleyball Stability
Cover Design

Deli Agnite volleyball bulk is of high quality.  Most volleyball for sale is composed of 18 skins (6 sides, 3 skins on each side) and the main materials of volleyball are PVC, PU, TPU, and EVA. Agnite volleyball adopts an anti-puncture valve, which can strengthen the air-tightness of the ball.

Bladder Materials

The quality of the Deli Agnite volleyball bladder is great. The bladder is usually made of black rubber or canvas, which can help to ensure the stability and air-tightness of the ball bouncing. These designs can help users to enjoy the volleyball game much better.

Volleyball Stability

Deli Agnite volleyballs for sale make great effort on ball stability. Take the windings as an example, the main materials of windings are nylon thread and cloth, which can help ensure the flight and rotation stability of the ball, making the ball player have much more fun in volleyball sports.

Agnite Volleyball Inspiration

Deli Agnite volleyball wholesale is of high quality and produces different levels of volleyball for all volleyball users so that everyone can enjoy the fun of volleyball.

volleyball inspiration
volleyball inspiration
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