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Correction Product

Deli correction products mainly include correction tapes and correction fluids. Whether it is correction tapes or correction fluids, they have good correction and coverage effects, and students will be very comfortable and relaxed when using them.


Deli School Correction Product Features

Appearance Design
Covering Ability
Drying Time
Appearance Design

Deli correction products have rich appearance designs. Whether it is correction tape or correction fluid, Deli has made a design that is different from the general traditional and old styles. The richer image and brighter appearance allow students to have a better visual experience when using it, which is more conducive to learning.

Covering Ability

Deli correction products have strong coverage ability. Whether it is using correction fluid or correction tape, it can easily cover the original error traces, and the strong covering ability makes students feel more at ease during the learning process, which will not worry too much about typos.

Drying Time

Some of the Deli correction products have a quick-drying design. This design makes some correction fluid dry quickly after being applied to the paper. Students can modify the content that needs to be corrected without waiting for a long time when using it, which greatly improves the efficiency of learning and reduces the waste of time.

School Correction Product Inspiration

Deli correction products have good performance in the correction process, which can help to improve student's learning efficiency.

school correction product inspiration
school correction product inspiration

Deli Correction Tape

What Is Correction Tape Used For

Correction tape is a very common student stationery, which is often used in students' daily life. So what is correction tape and what is correction tape used for? Compared with the problem that correction fluid does not dry quickly and takes time to wait, correction tape plays a good substitute role and is often used to correct typing or some forms of handwriting errors.

The product structure of the correction tape is not complicated, where one side of the tape is applied to the area to be covered, and coated with a white opaque masking material, which will be transferred when pressure is applied to the other side of the tape. Unlike traditional correction fluids, correction tape can be written on the covered area immediately after application. At the same time, since it is solid, unlike most correction fluid materials, correction tape will not be misused as an inhalant, which will cause harm to the human body.

In the current market, correction tapes come in many different colors and designs, with different tape cores used inside. As for the tape cores, there are paper-based tapes that are relatively easy to break, and relatively more durable than polyester film-based tapes. Deli correction tapes usually use high-quality tape materials that are less likely to break. The belt core mechanism of different correction belts is also different, some use a gear structure, and some use a belt mechanism.

All in all, regardless of the differences and designs of the correction tapes, their core function is to better serve the correction. Deli correction tape products are of high quality and are a good choice for consumers. You can always trust the student products of Deli.

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