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Attendance Machine

An attendance machine is a device used to record and manage individual attendance. These devices often use advanced technologies such as biometrics, smart cards, or password recognition to accurately track and record the attendance of employees, students, or other groups. Deli attendance machines are mainly divided into face and fingerprint attendance. Face time clocks are suitable for scenarios that emphasize convenience and non-contact, while fingerprint time clocks are more suitable for environments that emphasize identity verification and high security. Deli's Face Attendance Machine and Fingerprint Attendance Machine provide organizations with a modern and intelligent solution to attendance management through the use of these biometric technologies.


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Use of Biometric Attendance System

Biometric attendance systems have emerged as a transformative technology that uses biological characteristics to verify and record individual identities. This innovative approach is increasingly replacing traditional check-in/check-out methods, providing a more accurate and efficient means of managing attendance.

Enterprise Attendance Management:

Biometric attendance systems are finding widespread use in the corporate world. Employees can now use biometric features such as fingerprints, iris, or facial recognition to clock in and out. This not only streamlines attendance tracking but also addresses security concerns associated with traditional methods like card loss or password leakage.

Schools and Educational Institutions:

In educational settings, the Biometric attendance system plays a pivotal role in tracking the attendance of students and staff. This technology ensures the timely presence of students and teachers while offering a safer and more convenient check-in method.

Government Institutions:

Government agencies are increasingly adopting Biometric attendance systems to manage the attendance of public servants. This move enhances government efficiency and reduces issues related to inaccuracies in attendance records.

Financial Institutions:

Biometric attendance systems are employed in the financial industry to ensure the accurate attendance of employees, simultaneously enhancing security in sensitive areas.

Industrial and Manufacturing:

In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, biometric attendance systems play a crucial role in tracking worker hours, contributing to the smooth scheduling of production processes.


Transportation industries, including aviation and rail, use biometric technology for employee attendance and identity verification. Not only does this ensure the safety and reliability of transport systems, but it also enhances overall security.

Biometric attendance systems are not only revolutionizing attendance management, but they are also strengthening identity verification across multiple sectors.  As this technology continues to evolve, its applications are expected to expand, further improving efficiency and security across many industries.

Deli Attendance Machine Advantages

The deli attendance machine is independently developed and committed to providing users with a more convenient operating experience. We use industry-leading far-infrared recognition technology to increase the distance of traditional infrared face recognition from 0.8 meters to 1.5 meters.

The live voice broadcast function adds a human element to the attendance process, making the entire experience more friendly and efficient. In addition, we have also integrated visible light face recognition algorithms to enable dynamic face recognition for attendance and clocking in. This technology can quickly capture the real face, thereby effectively preventing the behavior of checking in on behalf of others.

Deli also has a self-developed fingerprint head module. The introduction of this technology further consolidates the excellent performance of Deli attendance machines in recognition performance.

Benefits of Using an Attendance Machine

Accuracy: The advanced biometric technology, enhances the accuracy of attendance records, reducing human errors and discrepancies compared to traditional sign-in methods.

Increased efficiency: Automated attendance processes save significant time by eliminating manual recording and calculations.

Prevention of buddy punching: Biometric technologies, especially facial and fingerprint recognition, effectively prevent buddy punching, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of attendance records.

Data analysis: The generated attendance data can be used for in-depth analysis of employee attendance patterns, providing insights to help managers make more informed decisions.

Security: Biometric technology offers a higher level of security, as individual biometric features are unique and difficult to forge or impersonate.

Utilizing the Attendance Machine not only simplifies the attendance management process but also enhances accuracy and efficiency, providing organizations with greater convenience and advantages.

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