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Zip Bag

Deli zip bags have a wide range of materials, different sizes, and powerful functions. Our wholesale zipper bags are suitable for all kinds of people with different specific needs.


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Deli Zip Bag Features

Material Configuration
Material Thickness
Bag Capacity
Material Configuration

Each Deli zip bag has a corresponding product description. Compared with other brands, which are only one in the entire product box, the Deli zip bag has a higher configuration and better quality.

Material Thickness

Deli zip bags are made of high-quality materials, which are usually thicker than other brands. The general thickness of Deli zip bags can reach 0.17 mm, and the materials we use for our zipper bags are very sufficient.

Bag Capacity

The Deli zip bag has a larger capacity. Compared with the general brand, the back width of the Deli zip bag is wider, which makes the thickness of the documents that can be loaded thicker, and the overall capacity increases, allowing consumers to enjoy more cost-effective products.

Zipper Bag Inspiration

Deli zipper bags are well-made, affordable, and cost-effective, making them ideal for use in all kinds of study and work situations.

zip bag inspiration working
zip bag inspiration working
zip bag inspiration studying
zip bag inspiration studying
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