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School Drafting

Deli student rulers have a variety of shapes and designs, and accurate and careful measurement functions, which are one of the must-have products for students in the learning process.


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Deli Student Rulers Features

Appearance Design
Dirt resistance
Appearance Design

Deli provides a variety of appearance designs for our rulers for students. In addition to the general traditional black, white, and blue translucent design, Deli student rulers also have fruit, animal, joint, and other themed designs, allowing students to have more choices and making the daily use of monotonous rulers more interesting.


Deli student rulers use high-quality materials, and some rulers adapt high-quality ABS material. The use of this material can make the ruler for students more firm and elastic, and it is not easy to be broken or damaged during daily use, which improves the use of rulers' duration.

Dirt resistance

Deli school drafting products have done a lot of work on the surface of the student ruler. Most of the existing rulers are prone to rubbing the paper after being removed when used for drawing, making the whole paper dirty. Therefore, the edge of the Deli student ruler is specially designed, which is very neat so that the paper will not be stained after the ruler is removed.

Ruler For Students Inspiration

Deli student rulers are a good choice for students' daily ruler use, and various high-quality designs can meet different needs.

ruler for students inspiration
ruler for students inspiration
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