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Leather Cover Notebook

Deli leather cover notebook has a mature quality control system and supply system, mature design capabilities make the leather cover notebook more competitive, and a rich product line covers most users.


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Deli Leather Cover Notebook Features

Cover Design
Strap Design
Cover Design

The main feature of the leather cover notebook is that the cover is designed with leather material. Deli leather note cover mainly uses soft leather surface and hard leather surface, both of which have their own characteristics. The custom leather cover notebook made with the soft leather surface is more comfortable and soft to the touch, and the ones made with a hard leather surface are more durable and less prone to damage.

Strap Design

Some Deli leather cover notebooks have a strap design, and a strap will be attached to the leather cover notebook. The advantage of this design is that when the user writes to a specific page, they can put the strap directly on the current page and close the leather cover notebook. When opening the leather cover notebook next time, they only need to open it directly along the strap. That is, the user's usage time is greatly saved.


Deli leather cover notebook fully takes into account the protection of the user's eyes. Some leather cover notebooks use light yellow eye protection paper, which is not only particularly smooth when writing but also protects the eyes of the human body to a certain extent under different light sources, making the user's eyes less prone to fatigue and soreness.

Leather Cover Notebook Inspiration

Deli leather cover notebook is of high quality and exquisite design, fully adapting to various learning scenarios, and can help learn better while protecting your eyes.

leather cover notebook inspiration
leather cover notebook inspiration
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