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Yoga Mat

Deli Agnite fitness yoga mats are made of high-quality materials, which can well meet the needs of all kinds of yoga mat users in terms of appearance design, and user experience.


Different Types Of Yoga Mats


Agnite Fitness Yoga Mat Features

Mat Texture
Shoulder Strap Design
Mat Surface Design
Mat Texture

Deli Agnite yoga mats have put a lot of effort into the texture of the mat. The excellent material makes the fitness yoga mat comfortable and soft, and the airtight foaming process gives the yoga mat good resilience, which can effectively prevent bumps when exercising on a quality yoga mat, allowing users to exercise with more confidence.

Shoulder Strap Design

Deli Agnite yoga mat takes into account the problem of users carrying yoga mats. Due to the particularity of yoga exercise, users may often move exercise yoga mats for long distances. Therefore, some Agnite yoga mats are designed with free shoulder straps, which can be easily moved by simply tying the straps together when moving the yoga mat.

Mat Surface Design

Yoga mat slippage is a problem that must be paid attention to in the process of daily use of yoga mats. Slippage not only makes the experience of exercise worse but may even cause sprains. The surface of the Deli Agnite fitness yoga mat is designed with horizontal lines, which greatly improves the friction between the yoga mat and the ground, and is not easy to slip.

Agnite Fitness Yoga Mat Inspiration

The Deli Agnite yoga mat is perfectly suitable for all kinds of yoga exercises, allowing users to feel more comfortable and relaxed during yoga sports.

yoga mat inspiration
yoga mat inspiration
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