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Double Success In 2019 Paperworld

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26th.Jan 2019 Paperworld Frankfurt was held in the Exhibition Center Frankfurt. During the 4-day exhibition, more than 1640 global stationery brands from 66 countries participated in this exhibition. As the largest office and school supplier in China, It's the first time that Deli show in Paperworld with a new brand image. At the same time, we also successfully held a new product launch.

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The deli booth attracted thousands of customers with a professional and clean design. The booth is designed to have different areas for each category and range, such as writing instruments with brand new VI systems, Stick up, Explora, etc. Modern and bright booths with our innovative products get several favorable comments from customers. As a star booth in the paper world, the organizer of this exhibition, Messe Frankfurt official also expressed praise and congratulations to Deli, he noted: "I need to thank Deli for such a nice booth which caught my eyes and attracted more visitors for us!"

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The new product launched in 2018 also had a stunning appearance during Paperworld on 27th Jan. Clients from worldwide were invited to attend this conference. More than 200 new products are present in the Product Gallery. New VI for Deli writing instruments and new ranges in school (Explora and Dough it) were officially launched. Deli also highlights its digital marketing strategies in 2019, Social Media, DIY website, and ordering APP system will be promoted to the market and help our partners get competent by using advanced information technology ways. These new products and marketing support were heatedly discussed among distributors and received very good feedback.

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