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Protecting the Earth's Environment is everyone's concern today, as nature keeps reminding us, that everyone should be involved in the action of making our world cleaner and greener. This is also a very important commitment from Deli’s public welfare, and Deli people understand it quite well. For years, many Deli staff formed teams and groups following the company advocating, going to roads and rivers to clean up waste, sorting them, promoting recycling and food-saving ideas, planting trees, traveling in a more green way, and so on. The company is also taking action from the base: building green factories with lower carbon emissions, energy saving systems and carrying out a series of “green” measures, implementing an environmental protection culture in the company.

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Solar Power

Starting from the year 2017, Deli has invested more than ten million RMB in solar photovoltaic panels and launched green power generation on most plant roofs. In 2019, we already installed panels with a capacity of 4.5MWp, with an annual power output of 4.03 million kWh, reducing carbon emissions by 3,220 tons. Solar power is not only providing partial energy for production, and employee living but our excess electricity is shared by other power-consuming units nearby, enjoying the green benefit in the whole area. We are happy to support the economy and living with green power.

Waste Control

Waste pollution is a major issue in the environment. Deli has introduced a large number of gas, sewage, and residue treatment systems in our factories, trying to improve the efficiency of utilizing and recycling wastewater, gas, and solid residue.

How these systems work: The waste gas goes through a water curtain first, and is filtered to remove paint mist, then it undergoes adsorption and desorption through activated carbon filters and is finally sent for catalytic oxidation. More than 95% collection of disposal material rate is achieved under this system; Waste water from plants is handled in sewage treatment facilities, and all sewage is treated in sediment tanks, with a reuse rate reaching 40.6%; General solid waste is processed in a recycle unit, and hazardous solid waste has to be stored in a special site. We have utilized solid waste at a rate of up to 80%.

deli waste control

A Long Way to Go

To protect the Earth is a continuous effort that Deli keeps investing in. We initiated some environmental protection calls in recent years: To protect marine fishery resources and develop a blue marine economy, Deli offered dozens of jobs and training to fishermen who lost jobs. Deli also participates in the “Local river protection”, and “Drink water source protection” in Ningbo. As the main enterprise and influencer in the city, Deli has the responsibility of paving the way for other people, many companies and individuals are following Deli’s example, getting involved in environmental protection with their care and every contribution they could make, to maintain our shared land.

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