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Vietnam Factory

As the company continues to grow, we have expanded our global sales footprint. In 2018, Deli Group established its overseas production base in Vietnam and formed the Deli Vietnam Company Limited, and it began building its factory in July 2019. The company is based in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, with 110,000 m2 of factory space, and its products cover more than 40 categories including school supplies, glue, whiteboards, stationery, and electronic calculators. This is a comprehensive and modern factory that employs more than 1,000 people, and in the future, Deli’s stationary factory stands to become the largest stationary production site in Vietnam. The establishment of the Vietnam factory brings Deli’s development to the next level, both in Vietnam and throughout the world!


Changing the Single Exporter Mode

Economic trends and patterns in the world are changing rapidly, and setting up a factory in Vietnam helps us transform from being a simple exporter, continue to face challenges alongside our distributors, and better respond to complex and changing export policies and the wider global economy.

Vietnam Factory

Localized Production

Beyond this, the establishment of a factory in Vietnam signifies that we have genuinely customized our products and localized our production. Deli is now part of the Vietnamese market, can conduct in-depth market research and produce corresponding products, and do these things more rapidly, which gives us the agility to respond to the product and service demands of the entire Southeast Asian market, as well as the global market.

Global Marketing Network

The establishment of the Vietnam factory shows Deli’s ambition to the global market while injecting new vitality into Deli’s global marketing network. The establishment is only the first step for Deli to move towards to globalization. In the future, the Deli Group will fully deploy the global marketing network, root more regional markets to meet different market needs, and continuously improve the advantages of enterprises in international competition. Accelerate the internationalization of effective brands.

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