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You Are Just One Correct Briefcase Away from Success

A briefcase is the invisible business card of professionals, collecting their aspirations and hard work, revealing their identity, status, and aesthetic taste without speaking a word. Nowadays, it is no longer the rigid, traditional image it used to be. Instead, it has become a versatile accessory with handles, straps, and multi-functions. How to choose the right briefcase for different occasions? Here are some tips to get you closer to success!

Handheld Briefcase

Handheld folders with a sleek and practical design and moderate size are very suitable for professionals who want to show their professionalism while retaining their fashion sense and creativity. Standard and dull briefcases cannot represent the characteristics of elite professionals. Only a handheld official briefcase can meet various styling needs without being too exaggerated!

Handbag Briefcase

The square and practical handbag briefcase is one of the most traditional types of briefcases and is often paired with formal wear. It combines maturity and authority, rules and breakthroughs, and charm and authority. People often assume that single-handled briefcases can only carry lightweight materials such as documents, while double-handled briefcases can carry heavier items. The capacity of the briefcase is determined by the thickness of the bag side and whether it has bellows pleats, not by the number of handles.

Briefcases are not limited to black and brown. Colors such as dark green, bright blue, maroon, and camel can also be tried. They can increase the sense of fashion. However, when choosing a briefcase, you should consider whether the color can match your personal dressing preferences harmoniously. For example, black briefcases are suitable for dark suits, while camel or coffee-colored briefcases are suitable for light suits. Green and bright blue briefcases are suitable for people who have confidence in their ability to control them.

Flap Briefcase

The flap briefcase gives people a retro and refined feel. Its square and stiff appearance conveys a sense of stability and professionalism. It is easy to use and suitable for busy professionals. The capacity of the flap briefcase cannot be underestimated. It has far more storage space than rigid briefcases of the same size. Moreover, the flat and saggy appearance is not ideal for carrying, whereas a full and compact appearance looks more energetic and capable.

Compared with other types of briefcases, the flap briefcase often focuses on the leather texture and texture. Ostrich leather and crocodile leather have excellent textures and unique natural patterns that have become the best decoration. The retro treatment makes the briefcase feel nostalgic, and the nostalgic mood always fascinates people.

Convertible Briefcase

The convertible briefcase not only has a handheld function but also can be worn over one shoulder or across the body. Shoulder-worn briefcases are more suitable for tall and burly men, and the size choice can be larger than that of handheld-only briefcases. Conversely, small and slim women are not suitable for shoulder-worn briefcases, which will make the body look unbalanced.

As people use mobile phones more and more frequently, backpacks and shoulder bags that free up their hands to play mobile phones, send emails, answer calls, and take notes have become more necessary. If you feel that backpacks are too informal in the workplace, then convertible briefcases that can be worn over one shoulder are the perfect choice.

To better meet the needs of professionals for freedom and flexibility, many convertible bags widen their bag sides, upgrade their storage space and practicality, and make it easy for business people to cope with short-term travel needs.

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