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Category Introduction | Stapler & Punch

Brand Advantages

In the industry of file binding & organization devices, Deli is one of the largest manufacturers in the world. As a fast-growing global brand, Deli has become one of the main suppliers of mega supermarket private brands and online platforms.

Manufacturing Overview

Deli Stapler & Punch Factory was founded in 1997 and has a history of more than 20 years. At present, the factory covers an area of 80,000 square meters, equipped with more than 700 dedicated staff. In addition, it's worthwhile to point out that the daily output capacity of staplers is around 220,000.

Category Introduction | Stapler & Punch

Product Sales Status

Deli stapler & punch are very popular around the world, justified by the fact that 5 staplers are sold every 2 seconds.

Now, Deli Brand Stapler & Punch are sold to 6 continents, and more than 100 countries through multiple channels, with 30% annual sales growth on average since 2000.

Category Introduction | Stapler & Punch

What advantages does Deli have?

●Huge Manufacturing Power

Deli invested lots of capital in establishing a high-automation factory, and now this factory is the only plant achieving high automation in the stapler and punch line. It's undeniable that automation brings Deli high values. Currently, 80 million pcs staplers and punches are produced from more than 300 devices annually, and 35% of production is done by robotic devices. The values are not only reflected in efficient large-scale output but also reflected in higher cost-effectiveness since automation leads to less labor demand so the unit cost decreases.

●High Quality of Product

From the aspect of product craft, Deli uses stronger surface plating to ensure products' higher anti-rusty ability and longer lifespan. Additionally, innovative designs will be applied in staplers and punches, such as "effortless mechanism design".

Besides, good function quality controls are enacted during the production process, including precise parts production and tolerance control, to guarantee perfect production quality.

Category Introduction | Stapler & Punch

For example, Deli has a strict less than 2% defect control rate and also conducts drop and anti-rusty tests for each product.

Compared to other brands, Deli is at least twice more durable than others. There is a fact that a Deli stapler can be used at least 20,000 times, and punch 10,000 times.


Deli has four global innovation and design studios around the world. Deli usually launches at least 20 new products to worldwide markets twice a year based on different local needs to lead and drive market sales.

Category Introduction | Stapler & Punch

Deli's research and development focus on improving the user experience of products.

One of the most influential innovations is the "effortless mechanism", which enables people to use just one finger to staple 25 sheets by reducing the maximized 70% power compared to traditional stapler and punch.

Category Introduction | Stapler & Punch

Category Introduction | Stapler & Punch

Product Profile

We have one product range and five secondary categories in the Stapler & Punch category. The product range is named "Exceed", this line includes staplers with modern and simple designs in "No.10 Stapler", "24/6(No.3) Stapler" and "HD Stapler" and the effortless mechanism is applied in many items.

Category Introduction | Stapler & Punch

The five sub-categories of stapler & punch are No.10 Stapler, 24/6(No.3) Stapler, Specialty, Accessories, and Punch.

Category Introduction | Stapler & Punch

Besides, Deli has a clear positioning of each product with strong competition to meet various market needs.

All products in this category are classified into 4 levels that are "Start/Essential", "Pro", "Expert" and "Vivid/School":

■ Start/Essential Level: competitive cost, good quality

■ Pro Level: better quality, comfort to use, styled look

■ Expert Level: top innovation, best quality, premium look

■ Vivid/School Level: personal, appealing, and colorful design

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