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The Key Behind Deli's Transformation

Understanding Deli China Stationery

As a manufacturing-oriented enterprise, manufacturing capability is the most fundamental accumulation and competitiveness of Deli. With a solid foundation in precision manufacturing, Deli continues to promote overall upgrading in smart manufacturing, achieving transformation from "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing".

In the process of digitization, intelligentization, and informatization, stationery theme ideas, Deli has introduced a globally leading smart manufacturing management system and integrated various intelligent devices to achieve interconnection between people, machines, and objects, striving to build internationally advanced intelligent factories and production lines, and assisting its self-research and production path in continuous development. At the same time, the footsteps of Deli's smart manufacturing are also moving toward the world. Currently, Deli has a total of five smart manufacturing and logistics bases worldwide, with its smart manufacturing base established in Vietnam becoming a solid fortress supporting Deli's international business.

Innovation of Deli China Stationery

In the traditional stationery pen-making technology, to better solve the problems of pen tip, pen head, and ink control, Deli established a leading industry research laboratory as early as 2012, gathering senior technical experts from around the globe to focus on the research and development of four core pen head technologies: bullet, cone, ST-enhanced needle tube, and full needle tube. This laboratory has also created more than 50 comprehensive detection methods to select the best matching solutions for pen heads and inks, providing innovative solutions for different usage scenarios.

In the adhesive field, since its production in 2005, Deli has invested a lot of effort in formula research and product performance improvement. Since 2021, in response to problems such as the sharp noise when using adhesive, residue left after sticking, and strong stickiness affecting transparency, Deli China Stationery has launched new products such as noiseless light-duty tape, high-transparency sealing tape with strong adhesion, and nano tape that is less prone to residue, creating a better user experience.

Innovation and research and development have not only established Deli's leading position in the traditional stationery industry but also given it a more competitive advantage in emerging business areas. In the field of printer manufacturing, Deli has focused on research and development, achieving self-research and production, and mastering core technology through independent innovation and research and development, successfully overcoming various difficulties such as high professional barriers and deep technical barriers, and breaking the industry monopoly of foreign companies such as the United States and Japan. In 2022, Deli launched a domestically-produced self-developed color printer, providing the market with a more convenient and economical choice through self-developed print heads and an innovative split ink cartridge design.

In the field of power tools, the new Deli "Red Core" series of electric tools with independent research and development and core technology adopts innovative research and development of "three-electric technology": super-energy motor platform, intelligent battery platform, and self-developed high-computing chip, achieving innovative upgrades in energy efficiency, service life, and long-term continuous operation of electric tools. This is not only a breakthrough in Deli's new tool technology but also an important milestone in product innovation and upgrade.

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