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The Materials and Styles of Men's Official Briefcases

A man's choice of a suitable official briefcase will have an impact on many aspects of himself. For example, in the interview, many executives say that the interviewer's appearance, including the man's bag, will affect the result of the interview. In addition, if you choose an official briefcase in line with your style, it can fully reflect your personality and style. Today I will explain in detail the style, material, and internal structure of the men's official briefcase.

The style of men's official briefcase

There are two types of men's official briefcases -- horizontal and vertical types. The function of horizontal and vertical types is the same, but the difference is that one is horizontal and the other is vertical when carrying. When choosing a style, be sure to decide which one to buy based on your body characteristics. If you are tall and big, you can choose a large official briefcase. Instead, choose a smaller size. If you are slightly fat, you can choose a vertical style, so that it looks more coordinated with a more gentlemanly style, while thin people can choose the horizontal style.

If your files are important, opt for an official briefcase with a combination lock that will largely prevent people with ulterior motives from peeping into your files while you are away. Thirdly, the color of the official briefcase is also very important. In the case of matching with your skin, you can choose your favorite color appropriately. Black is an all-matching color. When you're not sure what color bag is right for you, opt for a black official briefcase.

The material of the man's official briefcase

Official briefcases should usually be made of real leather, pigskin, cowhide, or sheepskin. Compared with the belt, the official briefcase is much less likely to be fake, because it is large, and the leather cover is wide, it is easy to identify. In recent years, official briefcases from major brands have been designed to be simple and lightweight, which embody the characteristics of light, strong, easy to use, easy to carry, and so on. Even the double lattice style does not have the appearance of layers and layers. The overall design tends to be light and delicate, so you can carry it when you go to work and go on the street. In terms of materials, soft calfskin and special canvas with elegant feelings are the first choice. If you are interested, take a look at our products from the deli's official store.

The internal structure of the man's official briefcase

The internal structure of the official briefcase is more complete and the style is increasingly diversified. The official briefcase can hold A4 paper. Whether the bag should be equipped with other pockets, such as a cigarette bag, mobile phone bag, and pencil case, can be determined by what you bring to work. For example, the travel bag with an official briefcase for business trips, has a unique dual-purpose design, and the official briefcase inside can be used separately; The main bag has a filing pouch, the official briefcase is chic and functional, and the main partition has small compartments for papers and notes. In addition to the traditional official briefcases, there are also styles designed for younger people. One is a coarse cowhide satchel bag: the outside of the body is equipped with a pen bag and various sizes of stickers bag, which can be used to hold mobile phones, business cards, and other items, convenient and fashionable, widely used. The other is the basket-type official briefcase designed for fashionable youngsters, with a simple shape, full of personality.

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