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Do You Know How to Choose a Fountain Pen?

In a strict sense, the fountain pen is similar to the iridium pen, and both use stainless steel for the nib; the only difference is that the iridium particles are welded on the iridium pen, while the fountain pen nib does not contain iridium particles. Therefore, the service life of an instrument for writing a fountain pen is much shorter than that of the iridium pen and fountain pen.

Brands of Fountain Pens

Instruments for writing fountain pens are also commodities with a certain market and naturally have many small and large brands. Good big brands of fountain pens can always make you feel the five-star quality and service. The after-sales service is also great, such as Deli, whose writing experience is quite smooth.

The Appearance of Fountain Pens

Although fountain pens are a type of writing tool, like other commodities, merchants will design many unique styles to attract buyers. Buyers can consider comprehensively color, shape, and material, of course, these are directly related to price.

The Weight of Fountain Pens

This is quite important. If the fountain pen is too heavy, the writer's hand will quickly become tired and feel exhausted. If it is too light, it will feel unstable when writing. Therefore, weight is a very important fundamental issue for buyers. Even if the pen is good, if the weight is not suitable, it is useless for you.

The Nib of Fountain Pens

The nib of a fountain pen consists of two metal pieces on the left and right, which are combined by metal sheets and then connected by the pen tip to write characters. The standard pen tip should have two identical metal pieces on both sides, while the fountain pen tip should be slightly curved in some cases, but some pen tips are straight.

Test Writing with Fountain Pens

If conditions permit, suck ink and write, such as from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and then continuously draw circles, waves, ovals, and "8"s, observe the smoothness of ink supply when writing. If there are ink jams or pauses, it is considered unqualified.

Thickness of Fountain Pens

A fountain pen, like a person's hand, writes on paper. A person's hand can be fat or thin, and a fountain pen also naturally distinguishes between thicknesses. Some fountain pen barrels are small and suitable for people with small hands. Conversely, people with larger hands are more suitable for thicker pen tubes.

Functions of Fountain Pens

Generally, the length of an instrument for writing a fountain pen fluctuates within a standard length, usually 12.82cm. However, with the development of social demands and the emergence of fashion leaders, some alternative and delicate fountain pens have appeared, such as retractable and foldable fountain pens. These are convenient to carry out and make it easy for everyone to purchase according to their own needs.

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