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Safety Tips When Working With Staplers

Staplers are the clerical tools that bind sheets of paper or other objects together by using staples whose two pins pass through the objects and bend on the back of an object to create a fixed position effect. Staplers are often used in offices or other places to organize large amounts of paper files.

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Understanding the basics of stapler safety

However, although staplers are very common, there are still certain safety hazards in the occasional misuse, especially for younger children. Therefore, whether you are working on a personal project in the office, in the construction industry, or at home, you should always follow proper safety measures when using your deli stapler.

Tips for avoiding common stapler-related injuries

Here, we will tell you some useful tips, if you are interested in looking for reliable office stationery companies, you can contact us for more information.

When Refilling Your Stapler

While reloading your stapler, you should avoid pointing the ejector slot at yourself or anyone else in your nearby area. You never know if you’ll accidentally fire a staple, which can pose a risk to you and the people around you. Keep the ejector pointed downward to avoid harming yourself or those around you.

When Stapling

Always concentrate on where you are stapling and avoid getting distracted in the middle of a project. You don’t know if someone will suddenly move their hand in the way or if you’ll shift the stapler by accident.

When Needing To Remove Staples

Always use a stapler remover rather than your fingers if you don’t place a staple in the correct place or you need to unfasten some pages.

When Facing With Jam In The Staple Clip

This may happen when there is a jam in the staple clip or ejector. This issue can result from malformed staples or a clip with loose staples. When firing is an issue, people may try to dislodge the ejector using their fingers, resulting in a misfire that can puncture the skin.


Overall, even an item as common as a stapler still presents some safety hazards. In addition to being vigilant in daily use, it is also very important to choose high-quality products. Deli Group provides high-quality staplers. Whether you are a wholesaler or an individual user, you are very welcome to choose the products of Deli Group!

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