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Usage and Maintenance Tips for Men's Official Briefcases

Origin of Men's Official Briefcase

The "official briefcase" is said to have been first used by lawyers to carry documents related to cases. Tracing back its history, the prototype of leather bags can be found in 18th century England, where iron sheets were used as separators to keep papers flat. However, due to their heavy weight, they were not convenient to carry around. One day, a saddlemaker came up with the idea of using leather instead of iron for these separators (which is also the origin of leather-bound books). By the 19th century, this cloth bag and iron-sheet book holder had evolved into a widely popular leather briefcase. By 1920, with the development of the French fashion industry and Italian leather industry, modern official briefcases for men were born. In the 1950s, the post-war economic recovery led to a surge in office jobs, making the official briefcase almost a necessity for every man.

Use of Men's Official Briefcase

Men's official briefcases are usually square, with clear edges, concise, and authoritative. They always exude a comfortable and smooth feeling in low-key colors. In terms of material selection and elegant design, they have a consistent aristocratic and elegant style, and the strong lines highlight the masculinity of men. Every man who carries an official briefcase in his hand holds the style of men's fashion interpreted by various brands of leather goods of an era.

There are two types of men's official briefcases - horizontal and vertical. The functions of the horizontal and vertical official briefcases are the same, but the difference is that one is horizontal and the other is vertical when worn on the back. When choosing between the horizontal and vertical types, one should decide which one to buy based on his body characteristics. For tall and burly people, larger official briefcases are more suitable, and vice versa, smaller ones are more suitable. If you are overweight, you can choose the vertical official briefcase, which looks more coordinated and more gentlemanly. If you are thin, you can choose the horizontal one. It is most suitable to carry the official briefcase with formal wear, paired with windbreakers, suits, and leather shoes, rather than loose casual outfits.

Maintenance of Official Briefcase

The official briefcase is usually made of genuine leather, such as pigskin, cowhide, or sheepskin. In recent years, the designs of various brand official briefcases have been simple and lightweight, reflecting the characteristics of lightness, durability, ease of use, and ease of carry, even the double-compartment style has no layered appearance, and the overall design tends to be a lightweight and exquisite type that can be worn to work or to go out. In terms of material, the first choice is soft calf leather and special canvas that are elegant.

When maintaining the official briefcase, it is best to use professional maintenance oil, and the most common one is colorless shoe polish. Maintenance oil labeled with "Mink" is suitable for any type of leather product. If the official briefcase gets stained, do not wash it with water, and do not blow dry it with a hair dryer. Soft cotton cloth, a brush, and a sponge are the three main tools for cleaning the leather, but only soft cotton cloth is suitable for patent leather. Alcohol is only suitable for black spots on leather.

To maintain the shape of the official briefcase, it is recommended to stuff it with paper or cotton cloth when storing it after each season to achieve a "supporting" effect. The materials of official briefcases are sourced from animal skins, which contain protein. It is best to put the official briefcase in a separate bag to avoid unnecessary chemical reactions with other leather products. Like high-quality suits, briefcases also need to "rest", so do not put them in plastic bags, which will prevent the leather from "breathing". Keep the official briefcase in a cool and ventilated place, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. The briefcase was not designed for laptops, and high-quality leather official briefcases themselves are heavy, so use them with caution.

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