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Difference Between Gel Pen and Ballpoint Pen

Gel pens or gel pens use ink that suspends pigment in a water-based gel. Because the ink is thick and opaque, it is clearer on black or smooth surfaces than typical ink used in ballpoint or felt-tip pens. Gel pens can be used for many types of writing and illustrations.

Office gel pen consists of an ink tube made of polypropylene, which opens into a metal tip, usually placed in a shaft. To prevent the ink from drying out, the ink column is closed by a silicone plug at the back. Sealed pens with caps have seals for the nibs, while push-button nipples include a coil spring in their nibs to seal the bullets on the nibs when not in use.

The difference between gel pen and ballpoint ballpen is shown in three aspects: first, the ink cartridge of a gel pen is a water-based material, while that of a ballpoint point is an ink material; second, the nibs of gel pens are divided into bullet heads, full needle tubes, and half needle tubes, while most ballpoint points have bullet-shaped nibs; finally, gel pens do not easily leave traces on the back of paper, but ballpoint points leave obvious letter imprints.

Gel pens and ballpoint pens have different media

The ink cartridge of an office gel pen is a water-based material that is gelatinous and leaves a trace that can be saved for a long time. Writing with it has a certain amount of friction, and the nib can be easily controlled. The most commonly used colors are black, blue, and red. The ink cartridge of a ballpoint point is a thick and dry ink type that relies on steel balls on the nib to transfer ink to paper. Writing is smoother and there are more color options than gel pens.

Gel pens and ballpoint pens have different nib shapes

The nib of gel pens for sale is divided into bullet head, half needle tube, and full needle tube. The bullet head is thicker, and the most commonly used size is 0.5 mm. The full needle tube is the most commonly used size, generally with a size of 0.25 mm. The half-needle tube has sizes of 0.35 mm and 0.38 mm. Ballpoint pens are divided into oil-based and water-based types. The diameter of the nib is determined by the steel ball in the ink cartridge. The common diameter of an oil-based nib is 1 mm, 0.7 mm, and 0.5 mm. The nib of a water-based ballpoint point is divided into a bullet shape and a needle tube shape. In general, oil-based ballpoint points are the most widely used.

Gel pens and ballpoint pens leave different traces

When using a gel pen, there are generally no obvious markings on the back of the paper, and the writing is very smooth. However, when writing with a ballpoint point, there are usually clear pen marks on the back of the paper, and the pen may slip and fade or leak ink over time. Therefore, for large exams formal contracts, or documents, black gel pens are generally used instead of ballpoint points.

Gel pen and ballpoint ballpen still have some differences. Gel pens are more expensive than ballpoint ballpen, but their performance and ink stability are very good. Ballpoint pens are faster to write with than gel pens. Therefore, which pen to use depends on the specific situation and needs.

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