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What are the Features of Office Scissors?

There are various types of scissors, depending on the use of the product, mainly gardening scissors, tailoring scissors, art scissors, office scissors, industrial scissors, cooking scissors, etc. The direction, thickness, handle length, etc. of these different types of scissors blades are different, and the force points are also different. Among them, office scissors are mainly used to cut paper, tape, and other office items scissors, are the main office and finance office use of office supplies.

The basic knowledge of scissors

Scissors are double-edged tools for cutting cloth, paper, steel, rope, round steel, and other sheet or wire-like objects, with two interlocking edges that can be opened and closed. In China, due to the development of the textile industry, there is a distinction between the shears and the scissors industry. If the shears are like knives, they are called scissors, which are shaped like an iron column folded in half, with the tip as a pair of edged knives, commonly used in women's red textile, and nowadays, influenced by foreign cultures, they are called U-shaped shears. The long edge of the shears is used to cut the cloth made of textile. Some places today call nail clippers scissors because they are like shears like knives. The design of the knife shell scissors is sealed with a knife shell when not in use to avoid injury to the body.

Modern scissors have been greatly improved from the shape, material, workmanship, quality, variety, and function of the ancient scissors. However, from the surviving relics, the scissors used by the Song Dynasty were already largely close to the modern model.


Best office scissors' features

1, sharp knives: Deli multi-purpose scissors are used to cut paper documents, bills, fabrics, and other materials, it is recommended to pick sharp knives use easy products, cutting effect is clean and sharp, can be used to cut silk, cotton, nylon chemical fiber fabrics, velvet, leather, knitted material, paper, and many other materials, cut out items very flat, no burrs.

2, handle comfort: The scissors blade is very sharp, to use the safety and grip very comfortable, The scissors handle must be reasonably designed, the plastic material can not be too hard, fit the curve of the hand, and cutting easy to save effort.

3, strong and durable: durable is the primary characteristic of office scissors, to enhance the life of the scissors, the multifunctional scissors blade after multiple processes of fine grinding and polishing, the edge is very sharp, and the surface gloss is natural, and durable. In addition, to make the structure of the office scissors more solid, should be set in the middle of the scissors where the difference between the reinforcement rivets, can be flexible cutting at the same time, the structure is more solid and durable.

Office scissors are mainly used to cut paper, fabric, greenery, tape, and other items, the purchase needs to be based on the specific shear items to choose the right size, if the size of the scissors selected is too large, it is easy to cause loosening, if the size of the scissors purchased is too small, the cutting effect is low, time-consuming and laborious.

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